How to install TWRP without unlocking the bootloader in any Qualcomm device

TWRP recovery is a custom recovery available for many android devices. One of the main reason we root our android device is for installing TWRP recovery by which we can install various custom roms available for our device. I would like to say that TWRP recovery is a must have recovery in an rooted android device. Usually TWRP doesn’t require root or unlocked bootloader to work but in order to install it requires an unlocked device. The process of unlocking bootloader is different in all different OEM devices, Some manufacturers like Xiaomi has made the unlocking steps so annoying  and you have to wait very long to unlock your device. If you are stuck in your manufacturer’s official unlocking process then this guide is what you want! Before proceeding I would like to tell you that installing TWRP via the 2nd method will wipe your device completely so backup your device data before you start.

Method 1

  1. This method is the easy one and doesn’t requires any pc and no risk of data loss
    1. At first download and install the lastest kingroot app from any app distribution website, it is not available in play store because it contains some dangerous code to root your device and such types of apps are against the policy of play store.
    2. Open the kingroot app and proceed as shown in the screen and at last click root.
    3. In the middle of rooting process your device will restart but don’t worry it’s a part of its rooting process.
    4. If rooting is successful then you can proceed to next step but if not the please try the 2nd
    5. Install flashify app from play store.
    6. Download TWRP recovery for your smartphone.
    7. Open the flashify app, give root permission and click recovery.
    8. Click Choose a file and select the recovery you have downloaded and click flash.
    9. Done you have successfully installed twrp without unlocking the bootloader.


Method 2

This method uses a firmware flashing tool to install TWRP, I am using QPST to install it but you can use any qualcomm firmware flashing tool.

  1. Download and install the following:-
  • Adb and fastboot driver
  • QPST
  • Your device’s pc suite
  1. Download the latest official firmware and the latest TWRP recovery for your device. Extract the downloaded firmware.
  2. Go to ADB folder in C drive and press “swift + right click” and click open cmd shell here or powershell in case of windows 10.

4. Connect your phone to pc and type- adb reboot edl then your device should reboot into download mode.

5.Rename the downloaded TWRP to recovery, copy it and paste it in your extracted firmware files and click replace.

6.Open Qfil.


7.Select flat build and click browse in select in programmer path, click all files and select prog_emmc_firehose_XXXX_ddr.elf from the firmware folder.

8.After all done click Download

9.Done you have successfully installed twrp without unlocking the bootloader.



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6 thoughts on “How to install TWRP without unlocking the bootloader in any Qualcomm device

      • So with this method I install a custom ROM, will all my payment apps for banking etc work even if I’m on custom ROM and the bootloader will remain locked?

        • Yep bootloader will remain locked. But for payment apps can’t say anything because they somehow manage to know that you are using custom rom even after your safety net passes.

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